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Reader, deciding to start the Build Transform and Profit Incubator was one of my greatest decisions this year, so far. Before last year ended, it was already on my heart to begin a program that would help women to:

  • Get focused
  • Get aligned
  • Grow in their relationships with God
  • Grow and scale their businesses
  • Get connected with other women who are desiring to grow
  • And so much more

What better way to build this community than providing a private, online space for women that gives all of these things and provides 24-hour online access to women for continued support and accountability?

When I said “yes,” to this vision, I knew that I was stepping deeper into my purpose and that because I decided to say yes, more women would become awakened to their greatness and their God-given purpose in this life. More women would become free to love themselves and free to receive the love that does not involve them suffering first. I knew more women would be able to discover how they can become 6-figure business owners by doing the thing they are naturally passionate about and gifted to do so I said yes.

It is my hope that you too will say yes to this opportunity to be apart of a community of women that will help you grow and gain strategy on becoming the version of you that this world needs.

The 4 ways you can work with me in 2021:

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  2. Apply for one on one coaching with me HERE
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Kheiston Boone

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